We are all, always in development.

I built a consulting company to apply current research and discover how people find meaning at work. Sociology and sustainable teams captured my attention in school and I never stopped studying after I transitioned into the work world. I wanted to understand the relationship between who we are and what we do. I wanted to know:

  • Can work enrich our lives beyond money?
  • What can work teach us about human collaboration?

Turns out, growing oneself through a never-ending on-the-job case study for learning is the centerpoint on which all else pivots.

Good books are like old friends who helped me forward, and I’m sharing my reference list here for you.


The Power of Peer Learning

“I am new to my position, and my position is new to my organization. It would have taken me a year to gather all the information I was able to learn in two days.”

-Peer learning participant


Are you willing to show your grow?

I’m recording 10 coaching conversations on specific topics to demonstrate how mindsets and skillsets can change with deliberate development. If you are interested in leveling up your leadership, re-aligning your career with your values, or take your ideas to the next level and are willing to have the call recorded and available for others to see, you can receive 2 hours of free coaching from me. Schedule here.