Live Mentoring for Mission-Driven Leaders

Your Place to Learn With Peers to Have More Influence and Impact.

If you are craving a more meaningful work life, are ready to create a larger impact, and are seeking to be supported, challenged and inspired by smart, caring colleagues….
You are not alone!

Supportive professional conversations are truly valuable and an enjoyable part of our journey. It is through exactly these type of conversations I have grown, developed, and built new capabilities myself.

Having a tribe to learn with is one of the most effective ways I know to transform your life at work without changing jobs or careers. And if you are planning to make a change, our live mentoring discussions will help you do so, gracefully and learning from experience from multiple careers and industries.

I decided to start Live Mentoring Groups because I believe we need more self-aware, ethical leaders in our world, and we all benefit from learning together the skillsets and mindsets that help us lead from right where we are to have greater positive impact and influence.

These calls are “first name only” designed to give people the freedom to express and interact with peers without sharing specific identifying details.

We are all, always, in development.

Everyone benefits from hearing others receive mentoring and has opportunities to share hard-earned wisdom from their own experiences.