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Let’s show each other what work can be – a training ground for leadership and impact. The world needs your changemaking influence, not just at work, but in your neighborhood, homelife, volunteer work, and communities — online and in person

Deeply satisfying work feeds the soul, but so many people are not fulfilled by their work.

As an executive coach and strategic thinking partner and mentor for socially conscious leaders, I support the evolution of good ideas to great ones, and the process of bringing those ideas to life through deliberate professional growth and development. For more than 20 years I’ve helped visionary leaders build the strategies, systems and support to accomplish the changes that make a measurable impact on the causes they care about.

Our professional lives can be a great development experience for anyone who is willing to become more aware and make the effort to build new mindsets and skillsets.

Don’t let the challenges overwhelm you, or prevent you from doing what calls to your heart. There are always more options, fresh approaches and new perspectives you can apply.

Join our community of conscious professionals to share your wisdom, learn from peers, receive support, and develop the capabilities to fulfill what matters most to you. And if you are a conscious leadership development geek like me, check out the research tab.  

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You Can Transform Your Life at Work

In The Conscious Professional, Jessica Hartung outlines the micro-identity shifts that turn work into a learning laboratory—helping to build the leadership capacity needed to solve our workplace’s and world’s most challenging problems.
Jessica’s unique approach utilizes “real-time leadership development,” using actual work challenges as the case study to grow new levels of leadership and develop ourselves personally and professionally to achieve what matters most—both on and off the job.