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Ready to grow right now?  Read and implement the development tools from The Conscious Professional.  There are 24 Developmental Shifts to Grow Your Personal Mastery and Leadership at Work in Order your copy and get growing.  In ebook or paperback

Ready to go deeper into your development as a conscious professional? Check out the online companion course for the book, Transform Your Life At Work.

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We make sense of the world by how we take information in. The ECHO Listening profile

Take your assessment now. It costs $100. You receive a full and detailed report.

Have a certified coach review your report with you and discuss how you can apply the insights in your current workplace. Cost is $150.  Take the assessment, then schedule here.

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I’m recording 10 coaching conversations on specific topics to demonstrate how mindsets and skillsets can change with deliberate development. If you are interested in leveling up your leadership, re-aligning your career with your values, or take your ideas to the next level and are willing to have the call recorded and available for others to see, you can receive 2 hours of free coaching from me. Schedule here.

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Individual coaching is something I do more rarely now. If you have had a connection with a special coach, you know that there are times when nothing but one-on-one time will do.  The number of clients I take personally is limited, but fortunately, I collaborate with many excellent coaches. If you have a strong sense that individual coaching is what you need.  Book a time here, and let’s explore your interests.