By Jessica Hartung

It’s Time for a More Conscious Approach to Work

Use Everyday Work Experiences To Grow the Skills You Need

Bring Your Best Self to What You Do

Bring The Conscious Professional To Your Team

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This will be the next book for my mid-manager book study, (seriously, I will be ordering 35 books as soon as they are available!).

Build Your Leadership While You Work

If you want to learn more on the job and be developed, personally and professionally, you are not alone.  87% of millennials say development is important in their job, yet many organizations can’t provide customized, meaningful development to their employees.

Forward-thinking professionals of all ages and all levels know that having a mindset of learning helps you to stay relevant, innovative, and creating at the top of your game. So, instead of waiting for others to provide opportunities for professional growth, you can create your own — immediately.

In The Conscious Professional, Jessica Hartung outlines the micro-identity shifts that turn work into a learning laboratory—helping to build the leadership capacity needed to solve our workplace’s and world’s most challenging problems.

Jessica’s unique approach utilizes “real-time leadership development,” using actual work challenges as the case study to grow new levels of leadership and develop ourselves personally and professionally to achieve what matters most—both on and off the job.

Written for mission-driven leaders at all levels, The Conscious Professional demonstrates how the next great change in work will not be a technological jump or an engagement initiative, but a leap in human mindfulness, self-directed development, and intentional collaboration.

Experience Immediate Value

Leaders today and in the future will be focused on how to be—how to develop quality, character, mindset, values, and courage. The Conscious Professional provides a practical path to building one’s own leadership capabilities. Fellow travelers on the journey of serving a big mission can learn to use everyday events to immediately and deeply practice the skill sets and mindsets to become a better leader.

Frances Hesselbein

President and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

Hartung's insights and advice on taking ownership of one's career are spot-on. Her casual tone and stories from her experience as a coach help make the book approachable and relatable, and I found the exercises and reflection questions immediately helpful and actionable. I wish I'd had this resource on my shelf long ago!

Rachel Zurer

Boulder, CO, Former Editor-in-Chief of Conscious Company Media

This book is worth multiple reads and will continue to be a book I return to again and again. Jessica has created a new classic and established THE vocabulary for the emerging movement of people who want work to have meaning.

In a world filled with books written by so-called thought leaders, you are lucky to walk away with 1 or 2 new good ideas. Jessica's book is filled with value in every chapter, I was blown away. In today's world very little exceeds expectations, this book does.

Evan Manée

Longmont, CO

I am already raving about this book.  I want to be coached from this model as a springboard to growing myself to be able to manage larger and larger organizations.  Very powerful and instructive. I can't wait to dig into it again with a few of my teams.

Dr. Sonya Bruton

Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Psychologist

Jessica Hartung’s The Conscious Professional is an elegantly crafted guide to getting the most out of your professional life. This is a book you will want to come back to again and again throughout your life and career. Hartung draws from her rich experience coaching and developing leaders to present stories about relatable characters that offer hope to the reader while at the same time validating how perilous growth can often feel. The reflection exercises Hartung provides throughout the book ground the learning in each reader’s individual experience and invite countless hours of meaningful contemplation. Put this book in your satchel or briefcase: it is the how-to manual for growing yourself on the job.

Eric Meade

President, Whole Mind Strategy Group

Jessica Hartung's The Conscious Professional is the practical field guide to personal development and self-directed professional growth. Everything I (read: you) need to get to the next level is within its pages, it's just a matter of application. I know I'll be revisiting this book for a long time.

Tony Ubertaccio

Founder & Strategic Direction, Semper Avanti Co.

One of the most important things about writing on and coaching in the consciousness space is being on the journey yourself. Not only is Jessica Hartung a master facilitator and coach, but she is also on this journey which makes what she is offering in this book even more valuable. When reading this, you will know that she is alongside you doing the same work and reflection that she suggests for you. This is an important book coming out at an important time in our world. We need more conscious professionals and Hartung charts the course for you. 

Renelle Darr

President, InSight Coaching & Consulting

Leadership Development Activist

Jessica Hartung is on a mission to grow more ethical, effective, and self-aware leaders at work to benefit our communities, neighborhoods, and families. Twenty years ago she founded Integrated Work, a leadership development firm that builds the leaders our society needs through real-world work experiences.

She has coached hundreds of purpose-driven professionals with practical strategies to integrate who they are with what they do, helping them deliberately grow to become the leader their purpose needs.

Practical Steps to Build your Leadership Now

Do You Want More Meaning From Work?

Your career has three paychecks — The First is financial; it pays the bills. The Second Paycheck is the satisfaction that comes from doing good work. The Third Paycheck is the development and growth you take with you for the rest of your life.  This book will help you grow your Third Paycheck.

Do you want to be your authentic self on the job?

Bring who you are to what you do to feel more integrated and whole. Knowing what matters to you and aligning that with how you go about your career will create a fundamental transformation in how you think about work.

Do You Want to Build The Skills You Need to Succeed?

Communication skills, teamwork, collaboration, and project management are examples of transferable skills that you can learn in any type of organization.  The most practical method to learn the skills you need is to start practicing them right where you are. You don’t need permission, a budget, or a job you love. You just work with what you’ve got. Grow as you go.

The Conscious Professional Press Kit

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